Water System Comprehensive Plan

We prepared a Water System Plan update in July 2023 to document our water system's current status and evaluate our water utility's future needs. This plan is regularly updated, and you can find past updates linked below. 

The purpose of the Water System Plan is to document changes to the City's water system, identify required system modifications, and appropriately outline capital improvement projects to meet system growth and address aging infrastructure.

The Water System Plan documents the current status of the water system and evaluates the future needs of the water utility.

The City of Shelton's water system is officially designated in the Washington state Department of Health records as the City of Shelton, with a public water system number of 78170N. It is a municipal Class A water system.

Maintaining a current water plan is required to meet Department of Health regulations and Washington State Growth Management Act requirements.

Click Here to View the July 2023 Water System Comprehensive Plan Update

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