Transportation Benefit District

What is the transportation benefit district?
The City Council created the Shelton Transportation Benefit District (TBD), a quasi-municipal taxing jurisdiction authorized by State law to fund street maintenance. Shelton voters approved a sales tax increase of 0.2% (two-tenths of one percent) for 10 years to fund street maintenance projects within the City limits. Revenues collected from this additional sales tax levy are held in separate accounts and used only for authorized street maintenance projects. 

Who governs the district?
The City Council serves as the governing body of Shelton's transportation benefit district. They oversee activities, expenditures, and revenues. All business for the TBD takes place during regular City Council meetings.

Why was the transportation benefit district established?
City street infrastructure is aging, and funding is needed for street and sidewalk maintenance. Transportation infrastructure is one of our most valuable investments, and deferred maintenance only drives repair costs higher. State and federal funding for maintenance and preservation of City streets has been reduced in recent years. While these revenues have decreased, costs continue to rise, making it difficult for the City to adequately preserve and maintain streets and sidewalks.

Past TBD Funded Projects
Project Name Year TBD Funding Amount
Western Gateway (Railroad Avenue) 2022  
Brockdale Road paving 2022  
Safe Routes to School (7th & Franklin) 2022  
Safe Routes to School (Evergreen Elementary School) 2022  
Safe Routes to School (Shelton High School) 2022  
Civic Center parking lot 2022