Snow and Ice Removal

Public Works Field Supervisor Todd Rhodes and Superintendent Mike Albaugh gave iFiberOne's Jeff Slakey a tour of the Public Works Shop and more information on how the City responds to snow and other inclement weather.

Snow Removal Priorities
During a storm, roads are plowed and sanded on a priority basis as follows:
  • Priority 1: Emergency snow routes - Emergency snow routes are major traffic volume streets that allow access to law enforcement, fire stations, the hospital and schools. Click here to view a map of emergency snow routes.
  • Priority 2: Collector streets - Collector streets provide access to priority 1 roads. Collectors have a lower traffic volume than priority 1 emergency snow routes. Click here to view a map of collector streets.
  • Priority 3: Local neighborhood streets - Local roads and cul-de-sacs, which provide access to collectors and arterials, have low to medium traffic volumes. Local roads provide traffic flow within subdivisions and provide direct access to residences and private property. School bus routes not already plowed under priority 2 are covered under priority 3. Click here to view a map of local neighborhood streets.
The City of Shelton is not responsible for snow removal or maintenance on Highway 3. Highway 3 falls under the purview of our partners at WSDOT

Public Works works with both the Police and Fire departments to map out emergency snow routes to ensure that streets used by emergency vehicles are plowed first. 

Our Public Works department has limited staffing and maintains 63 miles of roadway in Shelton. During snowstorms, our primary focus is to keep the roads clear - especially our emergency snow routes. Shoveling sidewalks is generally the responsibility of the property owner.

Private Drives 
There are approximately 3,644 private drives located within Shelton city limits. We can't remove snow from private driveways or private roads within the City.

During a snowstorm or other winter weather event, Public Works crews are on-call 24/7 to provide efficient and effective snow removal and sanding operations.

Help Snow Crews
Our snow crews maintain 63 miles of roadway during each storm. Residents and business owners can help increase their efficiency by doing the following:
  • Remove your vehicle, whenever possible, from the street to leave a clear path for snow plow drivers.
  • Remove trash cans, basketball hoops and other obstacles from the curb or driveway entrances.
  • Private driveways will be blocked during plowing operations. Residents or business owners will need to shovel out the end of their driveway if it becomes blocked with snow. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
View Snow Removal Plan