Sewer Comprehensive Plan

The Sewer Comprehensive/Wastewater Facility Plan for the City of Shelton addresses the City's planning needs for wastewater collection, transmission, treatment, reuse, and disposal for the 20-year planning period. 

This plan was prepared in accordance with Washington state law and federal requirements for a Wastewater Facility Plan. 

The majority of the City of Shelton is served by the Shelton Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) which discharges to Hammersley Inlet on the east side of the City. Wastewater from some facilities in the northwest corner of the City flows to the Shelton Water Reclamation Plant (WRP) which provides reclaimed water for various uses in the area near the WRP.

View the November 2022 Sewer Comprehensive/Wastewater Facility Plan

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