Development Review

Design and Construction Standards
The City of Shelton's goal is to achieve maximum uniformity in planning, engineering and construction practices. These standards are intended to assist, advise, guide and direct all who propose to modify facilities or develop within the City.

Land Use and Permitting
A great option for many project applicants is to apply for a Pre-Submission Conference with City staff involved in the permitting process. Project applicants can submit semi-formal information, drawings, or concepts for a potential development to receive staff input regarding:
  • Applicable permitting processes (ex: building permits, site plan reviews, short plats, grading permits, etc.)
  • Probable requirements to facilitate a proposal (ex: water and sewer utilities, fire sprinklers, street and sidewalk improvements, stormwater facilities)
  • Additional studies which may be required (ex: traffic impact assessment, engineered stormwater plan, geotechnical evaluation, wetland delineation, etc.)
Note: The more accurate and detailed your submittal, the more accurate and detailed the information you receive will be.

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