Crime Prevention

If you have information about any crime(s), you can anonymously email a tip to Shelton Police at Or, you can call the non-emergency line at 360-426-4441.

Block Watch Programs
Are you concerned about crime in your neighborhood? Do you want to help your neighbors reduce their chances of being victimized by criminals? Are you willing to work together with your neighbors and police to solve problems and work together to enhance quality of life?

If so, start a block watch program in your neighborhood.
While the Police Department administers this program and will help get it started, a block watch program is dependent on neighbors to be successful. A block captain and co-captain are elected by neighborhood residents, who will serve as a liaison with us. These individuals are responsible for sharing crime prevention information with neighbors as it becomes available, and for inviting new neighbors into the block watch program. 

While this is strictly an awareness program, as compared to a citizen's patrol, the people on the block will become more familiar with their neighbors. Residents are trained to recognize and report suspicious activities around their neighborhoods. Neighborhoods with active block watch programs have a significant reduction in criminal activity.

If interested in starting a block watch program in your neighborhood, contact Shelton Police at 360-432-5145.

Car Prowl/Auto Thefts
Most crimes are crimes of opportunity. The key to staying safe from assault or robbery is to avoid places or activities that provide a criminal the opportunity to commit a crime against you. Adopt a "security-conscious" lifestyle. The best prevention is precaution. A basic rule is to stay ALERT to your surroundings. If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, leave!

Crime Free Multi-Housing
Do you own or manage rental property? We offer a Crime Free Multi-Housing Program for landlords. This seminar is designed to help you learn more about: rental agreements/applications, tenant screening and fair housing, the eviction process, landlord/tenant law, identifying illegal activity, warning signs of drug and gang activity, property security/safety, and working with law enforcement.

Residential Safety
Burglary is a crime that threatens all home, especially those which provide criminals the "opportunity" to intrude, steal, and escape undetected. By using safety strategies such as installing alarms and lights, having dead bolts on doors, or pruning back the landscape, you can minimize the burglar's opportunity.

Useful Links
Crime Victims
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Federal Agencies
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
U.S. Department of Justice
FBI - Internet Fraud Complaint
Federal Trade Commission - Recovering from Identity Theft

Local Human Services Resources
APS (Adult Protection Agency)
Behavioral Health Resources
CPS (Child Protection Agency)
Thurston-Mason Crisis Clinic
Turning Pointe Survivor Advocacy Center

Mason County Justice Agencies
MACECOM (Dispatch)
Mason County Sheriff's Office
Mason County Sheriff's Office - Jail
Mason County District Court
Mason County Superior Court
Mason County Prosecutor
Shelton Municipal Court
Squaxin Island Police Department
Skokomish Police Department

Sex Offender Registration
Mason County Sheriff's Office

Shelton Municipal Code
Health and Sanitation
Public Peace and Safety
Traffic Control

Washington State Agencies
Department of Fish and Wildlife
Department of Labor and Industries
Liquor Control Board
Department of Social and Health Services
Department of Transportation - Real-Time Travel Data

Washington State Attorney General
Attorney Generals Office
Consumer Issues
Senior Fraud

Washington State Patrol
Washington State Patrol
Washington State Patrol - Background Checks
Washington State Patrol - Collision Reports
Washington State Patrol - Missing and Exploited Children Task Force