The administrative staff is responsible for goal-setting, budgeting, and securing and managing Police Department personnel. 

The Shelton Police Department has successfully achieved accreditation with the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC). WASPC was founded in 1963, and its members include representatives from local, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies. In 1976, WASPC was directed by the Washington state legislature to develop "standards and goals for Washington state law enforcement."

The accreditation process consists of 8 total phases: interest and contract, file maintenance, self-assessment, on-site assessment and evaluation, Accreditation Commission review, Executive Board review, award, and re-accreditation. SPD was judged on 132 specific accreditation standards, encompassing 19 law enforcement areas, such as records management and traffic. The accreditation process requires agency compliance with both operational and administrative standards.

We must successfully complete the accreditation every 4 years to achieve reaccreditation. The Shelton Police Department joins 56 other Washington state law enforcement agencies in achieving this recognition.

LDRSHP Principles
The LDRSHP principles - Loyalty, Dedication, Respect, Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage - are core to our operations as a department.
  • Loyalty: Be faithful to the law, community, each other, and our families. We will be faithful to the United States Constitution and laws of Washington, the public trust and the community we serve, the Shelton Police Department, our fellow officers, and our families.
  • Duty: Fulfill our obligations. We will strive to fulfill our duty to the best of our abilities. We will conduct ourselves with self-discipline, professionalism, and confidence. We will exercise self-restraint and objectivity in the face of emotions and extreme circumstances. We will always work towards excellence through constant self-improvement.
  • Respect: Treat others as they should be treated. We will treat everyone as we would want to be treated, even in negative situations. We will be courteous and respectful in our dealings with each other and the public. We will provide fair access, whenever possible, to information that people require to make decisions about their lives.
  • Service: Put others before ourselves. We will put the welfare of others before our own interests. We will do our jobs with caring and compassion. We will foster teamwork both within our department and with other agencies.
  • Honor: Live up to all of our values. We will lead honorable lives both on and off duty. This honor will be the source of our leadership and pride.
  • Integrity: Do the right thing. We will consistently do what is right, legally and morally. We will communicate with honesty and candor. We will earn the trust of the community and each other.
  • Personal Courage: Conquer fear, danger, and adversity. We will recognize our fears and put them aside to do what is necessary. We understand that one needs both moral and physical courage.
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