Shelton's Public Art

Downtown Shelton
Title: 'The Optimist'
Artist: Tim Crane
Installed: 1999
Location: Corner of Railroad Avenue and 4th Street
The Optimist
Title: 'Day of the Dead' (Dia de el Muerto)
Artist: BriAnne
Installed: 2020
Location: 318 Railroad Avenue; additional murals inside 'La Cantina'
Day of the Dead
Title: Shelton Clock Tower
Artist: Mara Smith
Installed: September 20, 2003
Location: Evergreen Plaza on Railroad Avenue, between 3rd and 4th Streets
Description: Has four red panels, each with a different relief sculpture depicting the 'Heritage of Mason County': logging, aquaculture, recreation, and Native American.
Shelton Clock Tower
Title: '1907 Webb Hotel Fire'
Artists: Velma Graves and Hazel Beckwith
Installed: 1974
Location: 122 West Franklin Street
Description: The fiery scene shows the old hotel fully ablaze and the fire engulfing other buildings along Railroad Avenue. It also shows firefighters with old pumpers spouting water in a vain effort to extinguish the inferno.
1907 Webb Hotel Fire
Title: Statue of a Logger
Artist: Ronald Petty
Installed: September 8, 1990
Location: Corner of 2nd Street and Railroad Avenue
Description: Dedicated to the men and women of the woodworking industry, who have carved their communities and living out of the forest. Sometimes, at the cost of their lives.
Statue of a Logger
Title: 'Skid Row'
Artist: Richard Haines
Installed: 1940
Location: 218 Mark E. Reed Way, inside the post office entrance
Description: This tempera mural was a winner of the Treasury Section's 48-State Post Office Mural Competition. 
Skid Row
Title: Totem Pole
Artist: Donated by Boy Scout Troop 126
Installed: November 9, 1999
Location: U.S. Post Office Park, Railroad Avenue, on the 2nd Street side of the Post Office building
Totem Pole
Title: 'The Last Simpson Train on Railroad Avenue'
Artist: Robert Chamberlain
Installed: 1998
Location: 305 Railroad Avenue, on the 3rd Street side of the building
Description: This mural depicts the last log train that went down Railroad Avenue in 1948, with the cars and people featured based on real people in the community. The Yesteryear Car Club raised funds to finance the project.
The Last Simpson Train on Railroad Avenue
Title: 'Bigfoot's Day Off'
Artist: BriAnne
Installed: 2022
Location: 423 Railroad Avenue, on the west side of the building
Bigfoot's Day Off
Title: 'Taxi', it's a chicken to go!
Artist: Vince Ryland
Installed: September 3, 2016
Location: 320 South 1st Street, on the south side of the building
Bob's Tavern Mural
Title: 'New Seasons'
Artist: Gary Price
Installed: 2000
Description: Bronze metal sculpture of a boy holding a girl who is releasing butterflies
New Seasons

Shelton Timberland Library
Title: 'Mosaic of Mason County'
Artist: Karen Pentony
Installed: 1992
Location: 710 West Alder Street, above the main entrance
Description: A multi-colored mosaic that shows life and occupations within Mason County
Mosaic of Mason County
Title: 'Logger and Son'
Artist: Richard Beyer
Installed: 1990
Location: Below the trees at the northwest corner of Alder and 7th Streets
Description: Sculpture in cast aluminum
Logger and Son

Olympic College - 937 West Alpine Way
Title: 'Eagle Dancer'
Artist: Frank L. Fulmer
Installed: 1992
Location: Inside the 'S2 Building' entrance
Description: Freestanding sculpture made from old-growth Red Cedar from the Quinault Nation on the Olympic Peninsula; with Abalone shells, acrylic paint, and teak oil stain. Hieroglyphic art depicting a Tlingit Chief transformed into an Eagle during a Ceremonial Dance.
Eagle Dancer
Title: 'The Ranger'
Artist: The Student Government Welding Club; Guided by Professor Ron Keeling
Installed: 2019
Location: Outside the 'S2 Building'
Description: A sculptural figure made of scrap metal pieces mostly donated by the local business, 'Pay More Recycle', and then welded together by the student members of the 'Welding Club' at the welding facility building on the Olympic College campus.
The Ranger
Title: 'The Journey'
Artist: Jeff Owens
Installed: 1999
Location: In the water swale, at the west side of the campus close to 13th Street
Description: A bronze metal sculpture of geese rising out of the water
The Journey
Title: 'Field of Wishes'
Artist: Gloria Bornstein
Installed: 2003
Location: Middle of the Olympic College campus
Description: Five 13' stainless steel sculptures of dandelions in various stages of their lifecycles
Field of Wishes

Mason Health - Hospital Campus - 901 Mt. View Drive
Title: 'Organic Zephyr'
Artist: Andrew Carson
Installed: 2004
Location: Hospital main entrance
Description: Kinetic wind sculpture of assorted colorful metal objects on a stainless-steel base
Organic Zephyr
Title: 'Kimberley T'
Artist: Brenda Maltz
Installed: 2006
Location: In the lawn at the Sherwood Lane entrance on the northside, by the ER
Description: A bronze metal sculpture of a young girl
Kimberley T

Overlook Park - 1200 Olympic Highway South
Title: 'Big Wheel Monument'
Artist: Erected by the Shelton-Mason County Chamber of Commerce and the City of Shelton
Installed: May 1970, dedicated to Simpson Mill workers by Simpson Timber on the company's 80th anniversary
Location: Overlook Park
Description: One of the largest band saw wheels ever built; this 11-foot metal wheel ran band saws on the Shelton waterfront from 1926 until 1967. It was originally built to saw spruce for WWII aircraft. In 41 years under McCleary and Simpson ownership, this band saw milled 3 billion BD feet, enough to house over 1 million people. 
Big Wheel Monument
Title: 'Bluegrass from the Forest Fiddle'
Artist: Rachel Hansen
Installed: July, annually
Location: Overlook Park
Description: A painted large wood sculpture of a fiddle and trees, created to publicize the Kristmastown Kiwanis' annual Bluegrass from the Forest Festival.
Bluegrass from the Forest Fiddle
Title: 'Oysterman'
Artist: Rachel Hansen
Installed: Fall season, annually
Location: Overlook Park
Description: A painted large wooden sculpture of an Oysterman, created to publicize Mason County's annual OysterFest event, usually held the first weekend of October. Also known as the West Coast Oyster Shucking Championship and the Washington State Seafood Festival, OysterFest has been promoting clean water, shellfish, and Mason County since 1982.
Title: 'Paul Bunyan and Blue'
Artist: Rachel Hansen
Installed: Summer season, annually
Location: Overlook Park
Description: A painted large wooden sculpture of Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe. This sculpture represents Shelton's summer season when Mason County holds the annual Forest Festival event. The first Mason County Forest Festival was held in 1945, honoring the area's logging history by showcasing the value of timber, while demonstrating the importance of safeguarding forests against destructive fires. 
Paul Bunyan and Blue
Title: 'Santa Clause'
Artist: Rachel Hansen
Installed: Winter season, annually
Location: Overlook Park
Description: A painted large wooden sculpture of Santa Clause, which represents Shelton's celebrations in December. Each year Shelton, popularly known as Christmastown USA, holds a parade, festivities such as bazaars, holiday craft making, and contests, a holiday tree lighting, a tree maze, and much more. Mason County and Christmastown USA won the 2019 Guinness World Record for Most Lighted Christmas Trees in One Display.
Santa Clause

Traffic Box Wraps
Title: 'Steel Bridge'
Artist: Kenneth Kiser
Installed: 2019
Location: Intersection of 7th Street and Railroad Avenue
Steel Bridge
Title: 'Orange Octopus'
Artist: Faith Scherr
Installed: 2019
Location: Intersection of Olympic Highway North and K Street
Orange Octopus
Title: 'Safe Harbor'
Artist: Neal Winders
Installed: 2019
Location: Intersection of North 13th Street and Northcliff Road
Safe Harbor
Title: 'Salish Sea'
Artist: Kyle Twiddy
Installed: 2021
Location: Intersection of 7th and Alder Streets
Salish Sea
Title: 'Bridges to Nowhere'
Artist: Matt Misch
Installed: 2021
Location: Intersection of Wallace Kneeland Boulevard and Shelton Springs Road
Bridges to Nowhere
Title: '98584'
Artist: Crystal Rodriguez
Installed: 2021
Location: Intersection of Wallace Kneeland Boulevard and Bell Lane
Title: 'My Washington'
Artist: Averie Homan
Installed: 2023
Location: Intersection of 1st and Cota Streets
My Washington
Title: 'High Steel Bridge'
Artist: Cindy Rivard
Installed: 2023
Location: Intersection of Olympic Highway South and Cascade Avenue
High Steel Bridge
Title: 'The Whistle Goes Silent'
Artist: Lori Heinzen
Installed: 2023
Location: Intersection of 1st Street and Railroad Avenue
The Whistle Goes Silent
Title: 'Washington Rhodies'
Artist: Pat Denney
Location: Intersection of Olympic Highway North and Wallace Kneeland Boulevard
Washington Rhodies

Other Art

Title: Chainman - "Fish"
Artist: Ray Rothrock
Installed: July 15, 2021
Location: 3600 North Shelton Springs Road
Description: Metal sculpture of a disc golf player, created from assorted metal pieces (ex: large and small chains)
Title: 'Mason County Trees'
Artist: Pat Denney
Installed: September 2022
Location: 1603 Olympic Highway North, on C Street side of the building
Description: Painted mural. "It began as a few feet of fir trees on the side of the building, and just grew bigger!"
Mason County Trees