Special Events

Special event permits are generally required for any activity that attracts participants/spectators, for a particular or limited purpose and time, to gather within Shelton city limits. These events extraordinarily impact or obstruct the use of City infrastructure, public services, or emergency response.

Special event permits are coordinated by the City Clerk's office. If you have questions regarding your event or the permit process, contact the Administrative Support Assistant at 360-432-5131.

Examples of events that require a special event permit include (but are not limited to): parades, fairs, fun runs, street fairs, sidewalk sales, festivals, etc.

Special Events Municipal Code

Why Do You Need a Special Event Permit?
Special events are a highly valued part of our community life in Shelton. We encourage civic, private, and community groups to hold and sponsor special events.

The City can make our streets and public right-of-way available for approved events to help promote access, ensure public safety, and minimize community inconvenience. Having an approved permit on file with the City can help ensure that your event is successful and that community partners (emergency responders, public transit, garbage/recycling, etc.) are aware of your schedule.

How to Apply for a Special Events Permit
The special event permit process can be lengthy and requires detailed event information. If you're interested in having a special event in Shelton, we highly recommend beginning the permitting process early. 

You can now apply for special event permits online using our Civic Access Permitting Portal

Once a special event permit application has been filed, City staff will review it and may contact you with questions about events or requests for additional documentation. Required documents may include event maps, documentation of affected property owners/businesses, and/or a temporary vendor list. Completed permit applications should be submitted at least 25 business days prior to your event.

Special Event Permit
New: Apply online for special event permits using our Civic Access Permitting Portal. Click here to view account creation instructions. 

Special Event Permit - City Maps
Special Event Permit - Temporary Vendor List
Special Event Permit - Affected Property Owners