Shelton City Council

The Shelton City Council consists of seven individuals who are responsible for policymaking for the City. Each councilmember is elected to serve a four-year term. Councilmembers are elected citywide.

Every two years, councilmembers will appoint one member of the Council to serve as Mayor. The Mayor serves as the presiding officer at Council meetings and is the ceremonial leader of Shelton. The Mayor has no executive or administrative authority. Once a Mayor has been selected, the Council may then appoint a Deputy Mayor. 

The City of Shelton operates under the Council-Manager form of government. The Council will appoint a City Manager who is responsible for administrative functions of the City, including the daily operations of City government, personnel functions, and preparing the City budget. The City Manager is directly accountable to the City Council.

The current Shelton City Council members are:

Seat One: Councilmember James Boad
Seat Two: Councilmember Kathy McDowell
Seat Three: Councilmember Sharon Schirman
Seat Four: Mayor Eric Onisko
Seat Five: Councilmember Deidre Peterson
Seat Six: Deputy Mayor Joe Schmit
Seat Seven: Councilmember Miguel Gutierrez