Making Water Conservation Part of the Northwest Lifestyle

People in Northwestern Washington are often seen as leaders on conservation issues.  We live in a spectacular part of the county and we do what we can to ensure it stays that way.  Yet water conservation has not been high on our radar.  This is probably not surprising since the Northwest is also known for its abundant rainfall.

Water and abundunt are two words not being used together much this year.  The natural beauty of our region has attracted an ever-growing population that has put increased demand on our water resources.  At the same time, Mother Nature has thrown us a curve, sending us warmer temperatures and reduced snow pack.  This is a trend that seems to be our future.

Water Conservation

100 Ways to Conserve Water

Water Conservation Facts:- By the Numbers

Ways to Save Water and $$

Small drips or leaks around your home can be big water wasters.  A pinhole sized leak can waste as much as 70 gallons a day.  That adds up to more than 25,000 gallons a year.  Places to check:

Toilets (request leak detection tabs: 432-5126)

Garden hose

Shower heads and




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