Recycling FAQs

What can I recycle?

Aluminum and steel cans, glass bottles and jars, all plastic bottles and jugs, mixed paper, junk mail, cereal and cracker boxes, phone books, milk cartons, etc. newspapers, magazines and cardboard. NO: batteries, paint cans, motor oil bottles, food-soiled paper or cardboard, plastic bags, tubs or trays, lids, Styrofoam or un-rinsed containers.

What is vermicomposting?

Vermicomposting (using redworms to compost food scraps into a complete and balanced plant food.

What is ‘Mixed Paper’?

Junk mail, catalogues, computer, fax, copy & notebook paper, paper bags, tubes & egg cartons, envelopes (windows okay), phonebooks, shredded paper, paperboard boxes (cereal, shoe, pop, etc.), wrapping paper (not foil coated).

Why isn’t recycling free?

Although materials set out for recycling eventually get sold to manufacturers and get made into new products, there are many people along the way that need to get paid to keep the cycle going. Just as there are many people who get paid to haul your garbage ‘away’, recycling requires handling, too. Here’s one common myth about recycling. MYTH: The City gets paid for you recycling materials. FACT: The City pays to have the recycling materials collected from your home. You pay less to get rid of you recycling materials than you do your garbage because the city pays less to sent it to the landfill. Thanks for doing your part!

What type of plastic can we recycle?

This is a popular question. Plastics can be confusing. Just remember: Only bottles and jugs. If the opening is smaller than the base and it has a cap, then it can be recycled in Shelton (the only exception is motor oil bottles).

How do I safely dispose of fluorescent bulbs and tubes?

Flourescent lamps contain mercury and should not be put in the garbage. They are accepted for free at the Shelton Solid Waste Facility, 427-5271.

Is there walk-in service available if I am unable to carry my bins to the curb?

Yes. Walk in recycling service is available to elderly residents and customers with disabilities. More information:

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