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Dual Stream Recycling Dual Stream Recycling is now in full operation.  We have enough roll cart containers to deliver to the residents who would like to participate.  In February, the Department of Ecology published an article on our recycling program in their newsletter, The Closed Loop Scoop.  To view the Shelton Recycling article click on The Closed Loop Scoop and view pages 4 and 5. 

For more information contact Recycling at (360)432-5102 or

What to do with reusable building materials and large household items that are 2 Good 2 Toss - click on:


Please refer to this flyer to see what you can and cannot recycle: RECYCLE RIGHT

Ever wonder why you can not put things in your bins?
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Recycle Electronics - Many electronics, especially TVs and computers contain toxic materials such as lead, cadmuim and mercury.  Reusing and recycling electronics keeps these toxic materials out of our landfills and incinerators and also recovers valuable resources. The electronic equipment this program collects will be taken apart and separtated into materials such as glass, plastic, metal and toxic chemicals.  All recycling will follow performance standards set by the Department of Ecology.  Washington now has a FREE, convenient and environmentally responsible recycling program for computers, monitors, laptops and television. LINK

A Safer Way to Dispose of Unwanted Household Medicines

Larger Recycle Containers Available - No Extra Charge




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Recycling Electronics

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