Garbage & Recycling

Our City provides solid waste and recycling collection services.  We consider management of waste to be a resource; a resource that creates jobs, diversifies the local economy, protects the environment, and creates a sustainable future for our citizens.  Shelton uses automated trucks to pick up residential garbage and recycling, which has greatly increased employee safety as well as cost efficiency.

A mechanical arm reaches out, picks up your cart, and empties the contents into the truck. Please do not lean anything (even more garbage) on your cart and place the cart at least 3 feet away from objects on either side.

Garbage and Recycle Pick up Route (PDF)

Garbage and Recycle Pick Up Calendar - See front page of website.

Each year in Washington State, we throw away more old computers, monitors, laptops, and televisions. Hundreds of thousands of these unwanted products end up in our local landfills. Because they are toxic, used electronic products are a serious problem in our waste stream. Businesses, residents, and local governments face a growing challenge
as they search for ways to reuse, recycle, or safely dispose of this equipment. More...