Public Works

The Public Works Department (PW) is open 8:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m., Office Staff will remain available by phone 8:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The department is responsible for engineering, PW construction projects, maintenance and operation of water, stormwater, sewer, streets, traffic signals, garbage and recycling and city equipment.

Telephone: (360) 426-9731
Facsimile: (360) 426-7746
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Public Works is overseen by the Director, who is responsible for managing all aspects and sub-departments within the PW sphere, in addition to budgetary development and adherence. The Projects & Purchasing Coordinator assists the Director and City Engineer and, provides support for the entire department to coordinate all PW projects and contracts.


EMR (Equipment Maintenance and Rental) Department


The City of Shelton's EMR (Equipment Maintenance and Rental) Department was implemented in 2003.  The City employees 1.5 full-time employees to oversee the maintenance of all public works, facilities, parks and administrative vehicles and equipment.   EMR provides three primary areas of service:


Fleet Maintenance:

The City purchases its own fleet of vehicles and large equipment (more than 80 units not including police and fire vehicles).  EMR provides services including, but not limited to regular vehicle tune-ups, lube oil and filter changes, brake service, and engine diagnostic and repair services.

Fuel Administration:

This department oversees and administers the City's fuel system, which ensures the best use of tax dollars for fuel needs.  By utilizing State contracts already ensuring "Best Buy" conditions, and maintaining a fueling station at the City Shops, EMR reduces fuel costs for regular operations.  EMR is also looking toward the future by researching Bio-Diesel and other alternative fuels that will enhance our environment as well as protect our bottom line budget.


Sometimes Public Works projects encounter unexpected twists and turns resulting in the need for imagination and fabrication skills.  Fabrication includes complex design, welding and other skills.  This department has designed and crafted the below apparatus for the purposes of drying asphalt during the overlay projects.


Public Works Emergencies

In the event of an emergency, please call Public Works at 426-9731 to report the incident. After-hours, you can report emergency or urgent situations to (360) 426-4441. Examples of emergency or urgent situations include: Serious water leaks, fallen trees in the roadway, sewage backing up into a household or business, water across the roadway or flooding buildings, hazardous material spills on the roadways, dangerous city street roadway conditions, such as sinkholes & potholes.

Need to talk to someone as soon as possible? Question about City utilities or projects? Call our Information Hotline - (360) 432-5103