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Shelton Police Promote Auto Theft Prevention

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On par with nationwide trends, the City of Shelton has experienced a significant increase in motor vehicle theft over the last two years. Shelton residents reported 68 auto thefts to the Shelton Police Department in 2016 – most being older Honda and Toyota sedans. This was an increase of 38 cars from the previous year. Many of the vehicles were either left unlocked or had no anti-theft devices, and were used for transport outside of the city.   WATPA                                                                   

The Shelton Police Department authored a grant application in early 2017 requesting funds for the purchase of anti-theft devices, and community outreach efforts related to auto theft prevention. In March of 2017, the grant was funded through the Washington Auto Theft Prevention Authority (WATPA). Thanks to the WATPA, Shelton Police will be distributing the anti-theft devices, commonly known as “the club”, to members of the community at no cost throughout the next few months. They will also be hosting several community meetings on auto theft and crime prevention. (Meetings will be conducted in both English and Spanish. Specific times and dates will be announced soon.) Shelton Police are committed to building strategic partnerships within the community that will strengthen auto theft prevention efforts, and expand educational opportunities.


Those who would like an anti-theft device for their vehicle are encouraged to stop by the City of Shelton Police Department at 525 W Cota Street, Shelton, Washington 98584. Devices will also be available at the upcoming community meetings.

Auto theft prevention tips:

- Roll up windows and LOCK vehicle.
- Remove or hide items of value when parking. (Laptops, purses, phones, etc.)
- If possible, park in well-lit areas.
- Use an anti-theft device.

For additional information please contact Lieutenant Mike Fiola at